Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise: Pet Products | Human Food | Non Food

About Me

From the moment I started studying I knew that international trade and entrepreneurship was what I really liked. After several international studies I started to work in the food business. In the same time I  also finalized the post bachelor study "Export Marketing Management" which entitle me to carry the title "Qualified Export manager" (QE).

Up till now I worked both in the human food business and the pet business (FMCG) in almost all continents in the world. I worked both with private labels and branded products in various distribution channels: from business to business to the retail chains directly (supermarkets, garden centers, pet retail etc.). For more information about my experiences, please see:

Not only direct sales of a product makes international trade attractive to me.  Also developing business plans and strategies including the development of new products, new packaging solutions and maybe most important building long term relationships with both customers, suppliers and colleagues are key factors to make International trade succesful. Every single part needs to fit in the export organization to make your product succesfull in a market. That is what I experienced in the past 20 - 25 years and why I enjoy being active in export.

The Global market is changing every day. International trade offers many opportunities to explore ourself and our businesses. Get the best out of it!