Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise: Pet Products | Human Food | Non Food


Doing business internationally is more complex than simply finding a market and making sales. Every market does have its own characteristics. Not only laws are different, but also distribution channels, cultures (way of doing business for instance) and marketing could differ. It is not just copying your current product or service and sell it to another market. It could be very complex, but also lucrative to operate on foreign markets.



My company provides a wide range of services to customers, such as:



·        Business development for a certain area(s) in the world. I will operate as a member of your staff. Customers do business with your company directly instead of working with a third party. You can keep your initiate costs under control and act flexible.



·        Interim Management: You are searching for a person temporarily, who is dedicated on the job, reliable and flexible. This could be for a complex project, temporary replacement of export manager, organizing trade fairs or (re)-organizing the export customer services as examples.



·        Consultancy: Conquer a new market is an art. Before you decide to market your products internationally, you need to evaluate your company first. Such as business strategy, management, is your product suitable for export, organization of the sales and/or export department, logistics, production capacity etc. Is your organization ready to go international? Export is a long term commitment and the whole organization need to be ready for it. With a focus on internationalization of your company I can support you with this process and it could be expanded to actual product / market research if your wish.



·         Export Training: For export customer service departments.